Forgame Academy is dedicated to internal learning and sharing, to provide a platform for employees' growth.

Classic Programs of Forgame Academy

  • Scenic sett-up skills
  • Introduction to the server framework of Fighting Saints
  • Planning Salon-How to optimize games through data
  • Software defect and testing program
  • General knowledge of game testing
  • Analysis of operational data
  • 2D figurine production skills/FLASH animation
  • Information security training
  • Game plotting
  • Planning Salon-Explore the in-game "usability"
  • Learning case studies
  • Training of appropriate communication skill
  • Important testing experience (1)
  • Skill of 2D figurine design

Game planning

In university, students may acquire theoretical knowledge while learning practical applications in Forgame academy training. As a team, communication is prompt and efficient. The training will be conducted via QQ and RTX, which facilitates office work. When communicating with each other, messages are brief, direct and efficient and also the speaker shall pay attention to the specified timing and audience.

Product planning

Knowledge of products - to know the needs and want of players by frequently playing the company's games, build satisfaction by launching activities. Objectives of the activities - improving income, enhancing activeness, fixing twitches and offering a preview of the next game. Considerations - avoid damages to balance and prevent negative effects of the activities.

Chief game planner

Through training on game planning, there comes a realization that there will be no intact planning proposal without a versatile game development team. A chief planner shall not only possess solid professional expertise (programming and art designing), but also profound historical and cultural background knowledge. In order to know the sensations and needs of the players. The chief planner shall have abundant experience in being a game player and shall be inspired by this past experiences, though sometimes it may be abnormal in life, the game planner has to bring about such experience into the games.

UI designer

We have a five-year golden period starting upon graduation. During such period, one is best-positioned in respect of learning capabilities and energy. Dedication to a promising industry and joining a growth-potential company, without concerning about hard work and remuneration, you will gain the biggest reward in life from those five years, which paves a solid foundation on your future growth. After graduation, I was working in Xiamen G-bits Company for four years, during which I had few free weekends and worked from early morning till late night. Although there is strenuous workload, I experienced a period of fast development, acquired extensive knowledge, learned many useful principles and finished the transformation from a student to a professional. Now, I have joined Weidong where I still expect to preserve my enthusiasm, devote to development and keep learning.

Product operation

We shall set targets for a game development program, such as the schedules for testing, monetization and launch. A plan is built on an objective and detailed work arrangements are based upon specific directions. Therefore, the development could be processed orderly and the program will be accomplished within the target period. Similarly, we shall outline our objectives, namely our achievements, position and marriage, etc. Objective-oriented people are always energetic and proactive towards work and life, and such people know exactly why they work without merely lazing away their precious lives.