Application Recruitment Talk Paper Test Interview Offer

Step 1 Application

Please read the job descriptions carefully and submit your resume through the links in "Apply" page. Online application is available and we suggest you not to apply for multiple positions at the same time.

Step 2 Recruitment Talk

If you are in the city or university where our recruitment talks take place, we recommend you to attend the campus talks as these are good approaches to get to know our history, culture and our openings.

Step 3 Paper Test

Candidates may be requested to attend a paper test depending on the major and experience of a candidate. A notification of the paper test will be issued in advance.

Step 4 Interview

Interviews will be arranged after the paper test. Candidate will receive the interview notification by emails or phone calls. Usually there will two to three rounds of interview.

Step 5 Offer

An offer letter will be issue within seven days since the last interview.